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Tickets and Group Discounts

Do you accept credit cards?

  • Yes! Tickets are sold online only at Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express are accepted.

Should I buy tickets in advance?

  • Yes! Buying tickets in advance gives fear-seekers the best ticket availability since a limited number of tickets are available for every time slot. Buying your ticket in advance at ensures your spot for the date and time you selected. 
  • Keep in mind, all Dread Hollow tickets are timed entry and and sold online only at
  • Escape Room tickets are timed entry and sold online only. The only way to save your spot is to buy your tickets in advance at

Can I get a refund if I don't complete the attraction or change my mind about entering? 

  • There are NO REFUNDS

Do you offer group rates? 

  •  A general admission group rate of $21 per person is available on select dates for groups of 15 of more, with one person paying.  To receive the group discount rate, click the link below.  Group rate is available on Thursdays and Sundays only.  Front of the line access is not permitted with group general admission tickets.  For more information on reservations, email or call 1-800-755-7105.

What if I need to change my entry time after I buy my ticket OR if I arrive late?

  • If you know in advance that you need to change your reservation, call Ruby Falls customer service during standard business hours and the representative will help you change your reservation based on availability. 1-423-821-2544
  • If you arrive at Dread Hollow after your reservation time, we'll do our best to work you in the next time spot with availability. FYI - If you arrive late for your escape room reservation, it is likely your experience will have to be rescheduled for a different date. 

Group Reservations

Dread Hollow Info

How long will I have to wait in line to enter Dread Hollow?

  • The best perk of timed entry haunt and escape room tickets purchased in advance is that fear-seekers have significantly reduced time waiting line.  Less time waiting and more time screaming! 
  • HINT: Arriving too early means you'll wait in line longer, not purchasing your timed-entry tickets in advance will also make your wait longer because there's a limited number of tickets for every timeslot. 

Do you serve alcoholic beverages?

  • No, ALCOHOL IS NOT ALLOWED ON PROPERTY. Please do not bring any on your visit to Dread Hollow. 

Are masks required for guests at Dread Hollow? 

  • Masks are not required at Dread Hollow. Guests are advised to follow current CDC recommendations. 

What should I wear to Dread Hollow? 

  • The haunt and escape rooms are all indoors.  Wear comfortable clothing with closed-toe, closed-heel, slip resistant shoes. It's best to leave sandals or flip-flops in your closet!
  • We love a costume party, but guests in costumes, full-face masks or full face makeup are NOT PERMITTED.
  • YOU WILL GET WET during this haunt experience thanks to realistic special effects.  Escape room participants should expect slime and grime!
  • Full face masks covering eyes and full face makeup are not permitted in the haunt.

Will the actors and monstors touch me, and can I touch them? 

  • Performers are trained for the safety of guests and cast members.  Given the nature of the attraction, you may come in contact with performers. Please do not intentionally touch the performers at any time.

Are there any age restrictions? 

  • Dread Hollow haunted house experiences and escape rooms are intense, often loud, and graphic (blood, body parts, gory, multi-sensory, etc.). Parental discretion is advised for anyone under the age of 12. Babies are not permitted in the haunt.  There are no special prices for children and NO REFUNDS if a guest decides not to complete the attraction. 

Is Dread Hollow wheelchair accessible? 

  • The venue and most portions of the attraction are wheelchair accessible. Please inform our staff immediately upon your arrival to make necessary arrangements. 

Can I go if I’m pregnant? 

  • Consult your physician before visiting Dread Hollow.  

Is it dark? 

  • You better believe it’s dark. 

Where can I view the photos taken of my group? 

  • Souvenir photos taken at Dread Hollow during the October haunt are available for viewing and purchase online. To access the photos, please visit and enter the code found on your photo pass.

Can I take photos, record video or livestream at Dread Hollow?

  • Personal photography, videos, and livestreaming to social media with your cellphone or any type of recording device is permitted only on Dread Hollow's Main Street.  Get ready to take plenty of photos and video on Main Street with roaming Dread Hollow actors and horrifyingly fun photo ops with Main Street's incredible theming. Use of a flash or other lighting is not permitted on Main Street.

  • No photography, videography or livestreaming of any sort is permitted beyond Main Street. Once you enter the haunted house experience and escape rooms, no absolutely photography, videos or livestreaming of any kind is permitted.  Please make sure your cellphone is securely put away before entering the haunt and escape rooms from Main Street and focus on enjoying the Dread Hollow experience. 


Is there security at the attraction? 

  • Dread Hollow utilizes Chattanooga Police Officers for our security team. While we seldom have a problem that requires security, we have them at Dread Hollow for your safety and ours – so please be on your best behavior! 

Can we be thrown out for any reason? 

  • Yes…everyone who visits Dread Hollow is here to have fun.  Just don’t cross the line – you know where it is. We do not allow foul language, pushing, vulgar behavior, weapons of any kind, alcohol, vaping, etc. We have a list of rules at Dread Hollow's entrance that must be adhered to for your own safety, the safety of other guests and actors.

Do you serve alcoholic beverages? 

  • No, ALCOHOL IS NOT ALLOWED ON PROPERTY. Please do not bring any on your visit to Dread Hollow. 

Is smoking allowed? 

  • Smoking is allowed only in the parking lot. Smoking, e-cigarettes, vaping, and dipping are NOT permitted once you enter the building. 

Can I take photos and videos while going through the haunt? 

  • No photography or video recording of any type is permitted once you enter the haunt and escape rooms - including cell phones, Go Pros and any other recording device. 
  • Photos, videos and livestreaming is permitted only on Main Street, which is the main queue area before you enter the first haunted house experience. Menacing creatures outside and roaming the Main Street queue will pose for photos and there are tons of great photos ops on Main Street. Tag our social media channels for a chance to be featured!  
  • Flash photography is not allowed once you enter the building.  Violators will be immediately escorted out of the attraction without a refund. 
  • Professional souvenir photos taken at Dread Hollow are available for viewing and purchase online. To access the photos please visit and enter the code found on your photo pass.
  • Be sure to have your cellphone securely stowed away before you enter the first haunted house or escape rooms so you can completely enjoy all of the horrifying fun of Dread Hollow.  

What are the rules? 

  • Watch Your Step 
  • No Flashlights, Cellphone Flashlights, Lasers or any other light source allowed
  • No cameras of any kind are allowed anywhere other the Main Street queue area. No exceptions. 
  • No face masks or full face make-up may be worn by guests
  • No smoking, vaping, dipping, e-cigarettes, or open flame of any kind inside the building
  • No alcoholic beverages
  • No weapons
  • No touching actors or props
  • No running, pushing or shoving
  • No pets
  • No babies
  • No food or beverages
  • No bad attitudes
  • Violation of these rules may mean denied entry or premature removal from the attraction WITHOUT REFUND! 

Other Important Information- 

  • Guests may come in contact with actors and WILL GET WET.
  • This attraction uses fog and strobe lights. Do not enter if you have health concerns of any kind. 
  • All 25,000+ square feet of Dread Hollow is indoors. Rain, shine, heat or snow - Dread Hollow is indoors and not impacted by the weather. (And we have all kinds of weather in East Tennessee!)

Be Smart and Have Fun!


How old do you have to be to work at Dread Hollow? 

  • You must be at least 18 years old to work at Dread Hollow. 

Can I apply online?